Friday, January 20, 2006

What does yoga mean to me?

It means connection primarily - with either a wise teacher or a body of wise and living knowledge. It also means looking into the mirror of experience to understand what the mind does. It means a codified set of principles which help to clarify and explain what the mind does and hence what the mind is. It means a way of living which is very dedicated to discipline and being in a clear state of mind. So being free of all that is unessential. It means living with a clear conscience. It means
relaxation and figuring out through the spaciousness given through relaxation what enormous potentials lie within us. It means identifiying the predominant symbols of the background weave of our consciousness and how those relate to the universal urges of the biological being, as well as how they relate to the universal needs
of the psyche of man (and the cultural ramifications and crossover's therein). It means learning what are right priorities. It means learning what are right attitudes. It means looking upon mistakes and misunderstandings with the shadow of guilt. Yoga to me is the scientific and intuitive vehicle for deciphering the riddle of the causes of suffering. It is the mechanics of the spiritual life applied to every plane of our existence.


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