Friday, January 20, 2006

IV 4

Nirmana | citta = mind nyasmitaamaatraat

Nirmana is the main thrust of this Sutra

Nirmana - reconstruction

Construct the mind in a way that is helpful to us

Asmita - a connection
This is critical according to Patanjali

In Indian culture there are traditionally the following categories:

Teachers Soldiers Business people Workers
Brahmanaa Skatriyas Vaishavas Sudras

6 qualities of the teachers

They studied very hard
They had a capacity to teach
Know all practices/rituals/meditations/teach rituals
Can give something valuable and non-material to worthy persons
Recieve something

To know what you want to do - there are 4 steps/references

Clear conscience - stick to that
Changing consciousness - moods - dharma not clear
Conscience tells you what is right/wrong

4.4 uses Citta! - close to consciousness. Rather than Manas - more intellectual - close to senses


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