Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yoga Therapy Notes

Problems associated with spine:

1. Forward bending of spine - kyphosis

2. Lateral bending of spine - scoliosis

3. Increased lordosis

Lordosis is the natural arching of the lumbar spine.

All of these can be observed when in samastitti - for in a standing position misalignment will occur.

Certain simple arm movements shall help to look completely at the body's misalignment. Through movements unbalance can be identified - in the movement and in the compensation movements from other parts of the body.

Look at the movement of the hip, the neck, etc
Only give mild postures in an observation meeting.

Examination also when the patient is lying down - observe if the shoulder is raised from the floor etc. Also the chin position etc. Palpation also helps to identify stiffness in body.


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