Sunday, April 17, 2005


3 hours daily meditation
Start out with 1/2 an hour - increase slowly (without straining)

1 hour in the morning
2 hours at night (but do not take a heavy meal in the evening)
- is excellent

Put yourself into the right state of mind by thinking of yourself as part of the One life that pulsates in every animate being.

Become enveloped in the great calm and quiet.

Then when you become still and absorbed in this concentrate on your breathing.

Do not hold or force the breath.

Watch the natural inhaling and exhaling.

If your thoughts wander bring your consciousness back to the breath.

Do not tell anyone about your meditation.

Keep a diary and write down daily what you experience you have had.
How you feel about yourself and your work and surroundings.
This will in time become the account of a mystic.

Keep diary entirely to yourself - do not let anyone read it.

Note your thoughts - look at them like a spectator.

Just go on with your sadhana.

If you feel dejected that you are not getting anywhere, do not bother about that, just go on.

If meditation produces conflict in your life - do not bother about this either.
Do not give up your sadhana because conflict is taxing.

If you should feel called to stop all activity and live a purely religious life in time, do not blame me for you have asked for a sadhana.

Meanwhile do your work - just take your bath or change your clothes as a necessity.
That has to be attended to.

Avoid physical contact with others as far as possible.

By touch bad qualities might pass from one person to another.


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