Sunday, April 17, 2005

Krishnamchayra's approach to teaching

Vinyasa Krama - a correctly organized course of asanas progressing appropriately towards a desired goal

Vinyasa means ordered/sequential/appropriate - the principles that influence it are listed below - how to begin teaching a student is influenced by the factors here:
1. desa - from where is the student from. Teaching must consider whether the person is from one country or another.
2. deha - what to teach a fat man; what to teach a lean person; a young person; an old person
3. Kala - year/time. The way to teach and what to teach depends on the time of year. Spring teaching is different, winter teaching is different. The time of teaching is different and what is to be taught is different.
4. Vrtti - what I would teach a runner and what I would teach a philosopher are quite different.
5. Vrtti-bheda - depending on the avocation ("avocation" is the someone's occupation/doing which is outside of their normal activities)
6. Marga - somebody is interested in devotion, somebody else is interested in fitness; somebody else wants to chant because he wants to sleep; soembody else wants to chant because he wants to pray. Depending on the direction of the mind of the student - the teaching must be directed.

7. Sakti - the capacity of the person also must be taken into account. How much endurance they have. How much memory they have. How much time they have to study or practice. All these things must be examined.

bheda - the differences in different persons


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