Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Definitions of Yoga

2.48 - Because of two forces going in opposite directions - we find ourselves in difficulty
Heat - cold rich - poor

To endure the extremes - is to master yoga.

After a serious practice of yoga one's resistance to extremes grows. One's immune system is strengthened.
Yoga is the art of mastering the challenges born of living in a physical and psychological universe of extremes.
Being aware that when the mind is at rest - as a consequence of a well tuned body one can be like the eye of the storm - calm in a mayic dream of extremes: an attentive, clear, flexible entity released from the pain, violence and inattention of a mind that is attached/confused/in a state of disorder.

The mind is disturbed. There are 9 impediments - (yoga sutra first chapter)
If I can get my rajas and tamas down - then the asanas are effective.
"sattva" - another dimension - (no jealosy/anger) - serenity.

Yoga is the control over the activities of the mind

Yoga is the art of ending fragmentation
The bringing of order to a mind in disorder
- when you give your complete attention to something you see it in another light - the light of order and understanding

"Yoga is samskara"

- Sri T. Krishnamachyra

Yoga is the movement from the non-acheivable to the achievable.

Yoga makes one fit for another action.

It removes impurities and makes you fit for vedanta
(from the Brahma Sutra (the Voice of God)

- When there are impurities in the mind - one is distracted/disordered and communion with that which is beyond the self/ego is not accessible (2nd chapter 3rd sutra)


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