Sunday, April 17, 2005

Book Recommendations

Chase's recommendations:

Mahayana Buddhist traditions of China and Japan - anything by Thomas Cleary
(check out -

1. Unlocking the Zen Koan - a new translation of the Wumenguan
2. Secrets of the Blue Record, Zen comments by Hakuin and Tenkei


Lu Kuan Yu's series:

"Chan and Zen teachings Vol 1 and 2"

Presentation of mind in those three books very interesting


1. Burton Watson's translation of poems by the 7th Century Chinese Buddhist
recluse "Cold Mountain" - the book is entitled "Cold Mountain"

2. Sam Hamill's translation of Matsuo Basho's Haiku - Narrow road to the Interior (excellent)

Then there is more stuff by Cleary:

1. Awakening to the Dao by Liu I Ming trans T.Cleary
2. Back to Beginnings, trans T.Cleary
3. Understanding Reality, trans T. Cleary

Hari's recommendations - in Germany

Swami Apishiktananda - "The Further Shore."

By the way, great book but bit heavy is Destructive
Emotions by Daniel Coleman - opened my eyes.
(from Mark Shepherd)


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